MAIN DISHES Served with white rice
With your choice of Beef, Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Vegetables
$2.00 more with Shrimp, Seafood or Combination of Beef, Chicken, Pork or Tofu

34. Phad Khing $ 10.95

Ginger, mushrooms, onions, carrot and celery, stir-fried

35. Phad bai Kapow - Spicy $10.95

Thai basil, onions, scallion and hot peppers, stir-fried

36. Cashew Nut - Spicy $10.95

Cashew nuts, celery, carrots, water chestnut, mushrooms, and snow peas stir-fried

37. Phad Ke Mow - Spicy $10.95

Stir fried bamboo shoot, onion, bell pepper, snow peas and basil with red curry paste

38. Phad Sam Lot $9.95 - Spicy $11.95

Deep-fried slices meat topped with a sweet-spicy sauce on the bed of steamed cabbage, broccoli , baby corn and snow peas

39. Garlic Meat $10.95

Sauteed meat , wine, oyster sauce, garlic and pepper served on steamed cabbage, broccoli , baby corn & snow peas

40. Double Delight $9.95 - Spicy $12.95

Chicken and shrimp stir-fried with baby corn, snow peas, mushrooms, carrot, celery, bell pepper, onion and scallions

41. Chili Jam - Spicy $10.95

Spicy-sweet chili jam stir-fried with onions, bell pepper and shredded carrots

42. Crazy meat - Spicy $10.95

Sauteed meat with coconut milk, pineapple, snow peas, bell peppers and bamboo shoots in a red curry sauce

43. Phad Panang - Spicy $10.95

Spicy red curry with coconut milk, bell peppers and peapod

44. Phad Poong Galee $10.95

Yellow curry simmered in a coconut milk, celery, carrot, bell pepper, scallions and onions

45. Sweet and Sour $10.95

Sauteed with pineapple, tomato, onion, cucumber, tomato, carrot, bell pepper and baby corn in sweet and sour sauce

46. Snow Peas $10.95

Snow peas, carrot, mushroom and onion stir-fried in a mild light brown sauce

47. Mixed Vegetables $10.95

Cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, carrot, bamboo shoot, snow peas and zucchini stir-fried in a mild light brown sauce

48. Onion Chicken $10.95

Sauteed with sweet onions and scallions in garlic soy sauce

49. Phad Broccoli $10.95

Broccoli, mushrooms and onion stir-fried in a light garlic sauce

50. Baby Corn and Mushrooms $10.95

Stir-fried in a mild garlic soy sauce with onion and snow peas

51. Pepper Steak $10.95

Sauteed bell peppers, mushroom and onion served with a savory sauce

52. Bean Sprout $10.95

Stir fried in brown sauce with carrot, mushroom and scallions

Black Mushroom $10.95

Stir-fried black mushroom with carrot, onion and scallion in oyster sauce

Green Bean $10.95

Stir-fried green beans in light brown sauce with onion and carrots

Green Curry - Spicy $10.95

Sauteed meat with coconut milk, snow peas, bell peppers, snow peas, basil, zucchini and bamboo shoots in a green curry sauce

Massaman Curry - Spicy $10.95

Brown curry with peanuts, potatoes, carrot and coconut milk

Param $10.95

Sauteed meat in peanut sauce served over steamed cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, carrot, bamboo shoot, snow peas, zucchini

Phad Prik King - Spicy $10.95

Stir fried string beans , red bell peppers in red curry paste

Prad Prik and Basil - Spicy $10.95

Sauteed garlic and chili with bamboo shoot, basil, onion and bell peppers

Eggplant Basil - Spicy $10.95

Sauteed eggplant with garlic, chili, basil, onion, bell peppers mushroom and carrot